A Mixed Bag…

…of reviews this time around, so let’s go!


The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel is just compulsively readable. Twenty-seven years ago, Christopher Knight walked into the Maine woods, and remained there – alone and with no human contact – until he was arrested for stealing from nearby cabins nearly three decades later. This nonfiction work (clocking in at barely 200 pages) is about his survival, the hunt to find him, and the aftermath of his arrest. So, SO interesting and thought provoking!

The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking just rang all my bells. 🙂 This pocket non-fiction work is all about how Danes – the happiest people on earth – get happy and live well! I’m pretty “hygge” in a lot of things, and was delighted to read about how powerful hot drinks, candles, warm surroundings, friends and a cozy sweater can make for a happy person. 🙂

The Duke by Kerrigan Byrne is the fourth novel in her Victorian Rebels series – and I’m such a fan of her novels! I love that her dashing heroes are often the flawed ones, that the women have spirit and drive, and that the writing is always sharp, funny and just enough sexy. Love her!

I also read Hotelles by Emma Mars – yeah, sure, erotic romance, but it felt in a lot of ways like it was trying entirely too hard to be high brow and shocking and thought provoking. Or maybe it’s just that it’s French. *small shrug* Probably won’t read the rest of the trilogy…

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