Those Weird Ones

You know, there are always those books that get big publicity up front for being groundbreaking or weird or whatever. I’ve read a couple of those lately, and here’s what I thought…


Hey Harry, Hey Matilda by Rachel Hulin sounded like it was right in my wheelhouse – a character-driven epistolary (in this case, told entirely in emails) novel about fraternal twins Harry and Matilda as they navigate aging parents, their careers, and their love lives. It… was not what I expected (and if you’re read it, let’s talk about that ending!), but it was a super fast, super engaging read that I couldn’t put down, so there’s that! Plus, the author is a photographer, so this story was originally told through Instagram. Cool, right?

The Possessions by Sara Flannery Murphy grabbed me from page one – and can we talk about that arresting COVER?! In the not too distant future, people can pay a “body” to be possessed by the spirit of their deceased love one to talk to, connect with, or come to terms with. But… what happens when the body starts to develop feelings for the visitor? The first half of the book got me, but it slowed considerably in the second half and I didn’t find it as satisfying as I did at the start. Still a super engaging premise and easy to read, just didn’t ring my bell as much as I expected at the outset…

Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough has been getting MASSIVE press, and has it’s own hashtag: #WTFthatending. A married man, his strange wife, and the woman who develops a relationship with both of them without telling the other – what could POSSIBLY go wrong?! This storytelling at times felt repetitive, but after reading the ending (nope, you’ll never guess it), it certainly made me think back over what I’d read. No spoilers, but if you like a fast, suspenseful read that you won’t see the twists coming, check this one out!

I also finished After the Flood by Alexis Hall (an eh MM romance, so not his best), as well as Flowers For Hitler by Ilse Horacek, a woman I am honored to know in real life, and to have tremendous respect and admiration for. What a life she has led…

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