New Non-Fic Reads

We all know that I tend to be a fiction girl at heart, but in the last year or so, I’ve been trying to read a bit more nonfiction. Here’s what’s crossed my path lately…


Promise Me, Dad by Joe Biden was just… so perfectly Joe Biden, and everyone loves Joe Biden. This is two tales in one… the tale of his son Beau’s fight against brain cancer, and also about Joe’s impact and work while serving in the White House with President Obama. Personal, poignant, and easy to read, this is a fantastic memoir for anyone who was invested in the “Biden Years” of the White House.

After the Eclipse by Sarah Perry was a BOTM pick and, while it took my awhile to read it, it was a very interesting memoir. Sarah was but 12 years old when someone came into her home and murdered her mother while she was in her bedroom sleeping. Told in present day then in past tense, you really learn about how this one incident changes so many lives.

Home Sweet Maison by Danielle Postel-Vinay (due out in March) is my kind of book… a look into how other live in their very European countries – this one specifically about how the French decorate and inhabit their homes. A bit dry at times, but this helps satisfy my occasional itch for books about hygge/living in Tuscany/cooking in France. 🙂

I also read the Life Changing Manga of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo… this is literally a graphic novelized version of her tenets – very cute and easy to read! Finding My Badass Self by Sherry Stanfa-Stanley was just a fun read for me – a fiftyish woman takes on 52 different dares or tasks in the course of a year. Fun and funny!

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