Holy Cats, I’m Behind…

So… in order to assuage my guilt over my lack of book reviews on ye olde blog, I’m going to try and cram lots (and lots) of one-sentence book reviews into this one post, but rest assured, longer, more thoughtful reviews for many, many of these books can be found on my instagram @theloudlibrarian… and as always, I’ll endeavor to do better. Let’s go!


Barr, Nevada. Hard Truth. F, K. – Having a great time revisiting Anna Pigeon!
Barr, Nevada. Winter Study. F, K. – Same!
Bedya, Emily. The Body Double. F, K. – Ended up only eh with a great premise…Too close for comfort with COVID
Brown, Janelle. Pretty Things. F, K. – Really enjoyed this heist novel!
Buttigieg, Pete. Shortest Way Home. NF, K. – LOVED this memoir so much! #GoHoosierState

Calhoun, Ada. Why We Can’t Sleep, NF. – THIS SPOKE TO MY VERY SOUL, and I was here for it!
Castillo, Linda. Outsider. F, K. – Another great Kate Burkholder novel!
Clark, Julie. The Last Flight. F, K. – Great premise, great page turner!
Coben, Harlan. The Boy From the Woods. F, K. – It was… fine.
Cummins, Jeanine. American Dirt. F, K. – This blew me away, and was so suspenseful and thought-provoking…

de los Santos, Marisa. I’d Give Anything. F, K. – Her prose is just so lovely…
Didion, Joan. Slouching Towards Bethlehem. NF, K. – I finally read it!
Drysdale, Pip. Sunday Girl. F, K. – Fast and with a great premise!
Dolan, Lian. The Sweeney Sisters. F, K. – Loved this women’s fiction filled with great characters
Doyle, Glennon. Untamed. NF, K. – Parts were eh, parts were better…

Foley, Lucy. The Guest List. F, K. – GREAT atmosphere and twisty turns!

Giffin, Emily. The Lies That Bind. F, K. – May be the worst book I’ve read this year?
Greenberg, Jolenta, and Meinzer, Kristin. How to Be Fine. NF, K. – If you love the pod, you’ll like it!

Harding, Robyn. The Swap. F, K. – Squicky, in a good way!
Hankin, Laura. Happy & You Know It. F, K. – Very “Nanny Diaries” and I was here for it!
Hendricks, Greer and Pekkanen, Sarah. You Are Not Alone. F, K. – Another good one from this duo!
Henry, Emily. Beach Read. F. – Deserving of all the praise this summer! Loved!
Hepworth, Sally. The Family Next Door. F. – She’s just SO GOOD at family dramas!

Irby, Samantha. Wow, No Thank You. NF, K. – Raunchy and funny!
Irby, Samantha. We Are Never Meeting in Real Life. NF. – Same!

Kalter, Suzy. The Complete Book of MASH. NF. – Sentimental…
Kilmer, Val. I’m Your Huckleberry. NF, F. – Wow, dudes, he’s weird. But readable!
Kim, A. H. A Good Family. F, K. – Really loved this fast family drama!
Kim, Angie. Miracle Creek. F. – AMAZING. Just loved it…
King, Lily. Writers & Lovers. F. – SO GOOD. I read this in one sitting…
Kolker, Robert. Hidden Valley Road. NF, K. – Heartbreaking true story of schizophrenia running in one family…
Kondo, Marie. Joy at Work. NF, K. – Yay Marie!

Lackberg, Camilla. The Golden Cage. F, K. – My first Lackberg, but won’t be my last!
Lockhart, E. Again Again. F, YA, K. – It was… eh, compared to her last few…
Lowry, Mary Pauline. The Roxy Letters. F, K. – Cute, but tried too hard…

Napolitano, Ann. Dear Edward. F. – Absolutely STUNNING and I can’t recommend it enough!
Neumann, Ariana. When Time Stopped. NF. – Such a good true WWII story set in Czecho…
Niven, Jennifer. All the Bright Places. F, YA. – A (great) reread!
Norman, Matthew. Last Couple Standing. F, K. – Funny, poignant, good!
Nugent, Suzanne. Brunch and Other Obligations. F, K. – Great women’s fiction!

Peterson, Melissa Anne. Vera Violet. F, K. – Couldn’t even finish it.

Reid, Taylor Jenkins. The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo. F. – I just love TJR!
Reid, Taylor Jenkins. After I Do. F. – Same!
Reynolds, Jason. Long Way Down. F, YA. – Jaw-droppingly impactful.
Rosenthal, Jason. My Wife Said You Might Want to Marry Me. NF, K. – Oh, so sad but so warm…
Rowell, Rainbow. Attachments. F, K. – Good, but not my fave of hers…
Russell, Kate Elizabeth. My Dark Vanessa. F, K. – WOWOW, so much to unpack in this one, but made me think about it for DAYS…

Shafrir, Doree. Startup. F. – Love her on the pod, but this was just “eh” for me…
Silver, Josie. The Two Lives of Lydia Bird. F, K. – ALL THE FEELINGS!
Swanson, Peter. Eight Perfect Murders. F, K. – Clever setup, but kinda eh by the end.
Tyler, Anne. Redhead by the Side of the Road, F, K. – It’s Anne Tyler. You love (or you don’t)

Ward, Amanda Eyre. The Jetsetters. F, K. – Fast family fiction!
Waters, Martha. To Have and to Hoax. F, K. – Charming little Regency romance
Weiner, Jennifer. Big Summer. F, K. – NOT what I expected… and not my favorite of hers by a long shot…
Wrobel, Stephanie. Darling Rose Gold. F, K. – Loved “The Act” on Hulu? You’ll love this…

Zimmerman, Vicky. Miss Cecily’s Recipes for Exceptional Ladies. F, K. – Warm and charming…

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