Walking Around New Harmony

During the last few months, I think Wes and I have driven more miles around our corner of the state, walked more outta-the-way spots, and explored the county’s hidden corners more than we have in the last year or two combined, thanks to the Stay-At-Home order.

At first, I never left our property, but after a few weeks of that, I felt the need to get OUT – even just for a drive, a change of scenery, a leg stretch. We’d throw Zoe in the car and hit the asphalt, exploring new neighborhoods and back roads, wandering around the odd cemetery, and often going to my favorite walking destination – New Harmony.

In New Harmony, the sidewalks are always quiet, the houses and gardens neat and luscious, the grass oh-so-green, and with so many unique spots like the Roofless Church, the Wabash River, the Labyrinth, and the back of the Inn’s property, there was always something to see that was a feast for the eyes (and Zoe certainly didn’t hate getting to get out and trot about!).

The history of New Harmony is fascinating (if for nothing else than coining the awesome phrase “Boatload of Knowledge”!), but for us, it’s just the sleepy, quiet town up the road, always good for a ramble on foot or a quiet drive in the dusk. To learn more about New Harmony, check out this article: https://www.curbed.com/2019/8/5/20748964/new-harmony-indiana-history-utopia

Where have you been exploring during Safer At Home, friends?


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