Neat and Nifty Things

Just a few fun things from around the ‘web making me happy this week!


Wes and I went right down the rabbit hole of Indian Matchmaking on Netflix, cheering on our faves, and jeering at one particular cast member who is, ahem, a bit difficult. I know it’s drawn mixed reviews, but we got into it right away!

Likewise, I’ve fallen in love with The Babysitter’s Club on Netflix as well. Though I was more of a Sweet Valley High girl that a Babysitter’s Clubber, I still have super fond memories of the early books in the series (oh, how desperately we all wanted to be cool Claudia with her clothes and her Mimi and her art!), and the show is bringing it to life in the sweetest, warmest way.

Take a minute to learn about the ocean by scrolling doooooown The Deep Sea, which shows the depths of where plants and animals live in our oceans. Keep scrolling until you hit the bottom of Challenger Deep – very cool web application!

And even though it was posted a few months ago, I still go back and “walk through” the Japanese Garden in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden… oh, all those cherry trees! I put this on for background when I’m working in my office sometimes…

What’s making you happy this week?

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