Whatcha Reading?

What have you been reading lately, friends? Here’s what’s been on my Kindle/nightstand recently…


“Tokyo Travel Sketchbook” by Amaia Arrazola knocked my SOCKS off! I’ve always loved travelogues… and been fascinated by Japan… and though I’m not much of a graphic novel reader, this one rang ALL my bells with the great illustrations, the humor, and all of the insights and fascinations Arrazola encountered in Japan as an artist. I learned so much, and felt like I was right along beside her on her immersive trip. Loved this so much!

Perfect Little Children” by Sophie Hannah has SUCH a good hook: Beth hasn’t seen her best friend Flora or her children in 12 years, but when she catches a glimpse of her old friend a dozen years later… the children don’t look a day older. Beth knows something is wrong, but all her digging doesn’t seem to be helping anyone… until the truth wills out. This domestic suspense novel kept me guessing right the way through – recommended!

“An Age of License” by Lucy Knisley was another graphic novel recommended to me after I raved about “Tokyo” (above). Lucy is also an artist traveling around Europe while trying to find herself, love, and what the “age of license” means to her. Very different tone and style, but I enjoyed it too!

“With or Without You” by Caroline Leavitt was just a great read – her books are so easy to get into, and really pull you in with her characters and emotional heft. In this one, Stella and Simon have been a couple for years, but lately are struggling with the future. When Stella falls into a coma, Simon must decide whether to stay with her or pursue a dream job that has just materialized for him. Fascinating, moving, emotional and atmospheric, this was just such a perfect read at the right time.

“Today Tonight Tomorrow” by Rachel Lynn Solomon is just a sweet, fun, fuzzy young adult romance. Rowan and Neil have been bitter enemies all through high school, competing for valedictorian, class president, accolades and more. Now that it’s the night before graduation and their senior scavenger hunt is on, will these two remain enemies? Nah. 😉 A fun premise, great character development, and the zest of will-they-wont-they! Cute, cute!

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