Diamond in the Rough

I feel like so many people are searching for quaran-crafts and activities to stay busy and entertained during these weirdo times, and I’m just the same. I found reading and even watching telly tough – too hard to focus, wasn’t in the mood, not enough of an attention span, the same as so many people I spoke to.

As a result, I kept falling back onto my “defaults’ – playing Candy Crush while listening to podcasts, reading as much as I could, doing some handwork on a quilt, and cramming in podcasts while… diamond painting!

I discovered diamond painting last year, and I’m so into it! You don’t have to think very hard (just hard enough!), all the materials are included so you don’t need any special tools, and my “completionist” personality keeps me going until I finish a section! To start my very first painting, I watched a quick YouTube video on how to do it, and off I went! My gosh, it’s soooo soothing….

I’ve bought several kits off Amazon, and just the other day, received some smaller pieces designed to be keychains or phone charms, so I’m eager to see how they look and if they may make good gifties or small commissions at our library’s craft shop. So far, they’re really cute!

The biggest problem is what to DO with all of these after I finish them… there’s only a certain amount of diamond paintings one can keep around the house or ply your friends with without looking a bit odd. 😉 Any ideas? I wonder if there is an Etsy market for completed pieces…


(here’s the larger one I’m presently working on from the photos above – to be ready for winter decorating!)

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