Neat and Nifty Things

Just a few fun things from around the ‘web making me happy this week!


I admit it… I fell prey to all the internet ads for Royal Portraits, because this is what happens when your husband says he doesn’t know what he wants for his birthday. 😉 They turned out so much better than I expected, and now proudly hang in our hall for all to see!

I’ve been using the Noisli web app in my office a lot lately to help me try and focus on the tasks ahead of me, while masking the sounds of the work of my colleagues. I love that you can mix the sounds, and the volume of them, to make customizable “faves”. Dig this!

Mike Olbinski’s storm photography on Instagram is just such a good follow for beautiful (and terrifying) photos of looming clouds, lightning forks, and storms crossing over the wide open spaces of our world. (photo from his Instagram)

I just love Jenny over at Dinner: A Love Story (what an awesome cookbook and blog!), and I’m currently fangirling all over this easy, peasy five minute dinner : Naan pizza with argula and prosciutto! (photo from Jenny’s blog)

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