Neat and Nifty Things

Here’s what’s making me happy this week, friends!


Look, I know I’m super late to the party, but I finally watched last year’s Little Women… and I just sank into it. I’m really embracing this cozy, cottagecore vibe right now, and this was the perfect snuggle-down-Saturday watch. And the costumes were just… *chefs kiss*. This is my hands down favorite look:

I mean… right?

I’ve also been binge listening to Noble Blood, a podcast about “…the stories of some of history’s most fascinating royals: the tyrants and the tragic, the murderers and the murdered, and everyone in between.” The stories are fascinating, the narration by Dana Schwartz terrific, and the variety of stories keeps it interesting!

The US Interior’s Instagram feed is giving me serious wanderlust right now. Such gorgeous photos from around our big, beautiful country… give it a follow!

And finally, another throwback watch… I’ve been gently working my way through the DVDs of the Kevin Sullivan production of Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea starring Megan Follows. She just… IS Anne to me. And oh, the settings, the music, everything… *sigh*

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