Neat and Nifty Things

How about a quick glance at what’s making me happy this week – what’s been making YOU happy?


How pretty is this cake (are ALL the cakes?!) over at Buttercream Bakery’s Insta?

Not long before mask wearing became de rigueur, I had made a pledge to myself to wear mascara every day after getting a rad deal at Sephora on a set of over a dozen “fan favorite” mascaras. But, how to display/store them? This nifty silicone holder is perfect, and was a steal from Amazon #paidlink! Now, about all those lipsticks and lip balms I’ve been collecting…

Taco Bell has discontinued the Mexican Pizza, thus destroying fond memories of high school hangouts in the pastel-colored dining room of the Taco Bell on the main drag in my hometown, chowing down on one of these. Sigh. Like 2020 wasn’t bad enough…

I really loved this reader comment over at Cup of Jo :

“The best poem I’ve heard in a wedding was about the Spanish sailing word ‘abarloados,’ which means when two boats are sailing parallel, at the same speed, same rhythm, with their own space but on the same path. Absolutely lovely, the idea is getting married with someone who will be ‘abarloado’ with you your entire life.”

We all want that, no?

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