Radio Silence

Sorry for the radio silence on ye olde blog… it’s been a busy month or so! Several days into November, I decided to try NaNoWriMo again for the first time in three years, and managed to complete my thirteen novel to date! But, writing that took away from writing here for sure. 😉

We’ve also been throwing ourselves into the holiday spirit as best we can, driving around to look at Christmas lights and putting up some of our own around the house (as well as Mum and Dad’s village and a tree inside, of course)…

And probably my favorite reason for the radio silence is this little nugget… everyone, meet Nico! (Don’t worry, he’ll get a post devoted entirely to his fuzzy cuteness soon!)…

Hope you are all staying well and happy – more soon!


One Comment

  1. Ellen

    Welcome back! And WOW, a NANOWRIMO winner for novel #13 — Congratulations!
    What a SUPER BIG accomplishment!! Would love to know where to find and read ;))
    Great way to wrap-up 2020, you go girl!


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