Neat and Nifty Things: Holiday Edition!

Welcome to another edition of things making me happy this week – holiday style!


We made our annual trek to Owensboro to take in the lights in one particular neighborhood, and seeing the overabundance of lights in one home makes me so happy!

Wes and I decided on a new tradition this year – advent gifts! Instead of opening all our prezzies on Christmas morning, we’ve instead spread it out all month long so that we open one gift to each other each morning beginning December 1, and it has been SO much fun and made the holiday last longer and feel more meaningful. Some gifts are small and silly (candy bars, lottery tickets), but there’s some good stuff in there too, like my new Keurig latte maker!

We really *went for it* with the holiday lights at my library this year, and it makes me SO HAPPY!

If you’ve never been a bell ringer for the Salvation Army, do it! It’s only a couple of hours, but I had a great time greeting people, playing Christmas carols (thanks, Amazon Music!) and seeing the generosity of people in our community. Definitely one of my favorite annual traditions. 🙂

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