Merry Christmas (and a Recipe Too)!

Merry Christmas, all! I hope everyone is having a safe, warm, and peaceful holiday. To celebrate, here’s one of my favorite holiday treats – and one of the easiest to make. Wes even made one unsupervised the other day (though he decided to use blue food coloring for fun!)…


Frosted Flakes Wreath (or Corn Flakes, if you’re more virtuous than me!)

1 stick butter
35 large marshmallows
4 cups of Frosted Flakes
Green food coloring
Red cinnamon candies

Melt the butter and marshmallows together over low heat until smooth. Add in as much food coloring as you like and blend. Toss in your Frosted Flakes and incorporate until coated. Dump onto wax paper and form into a wreath shape and then decorate with cinnamon candies. Enjoy!

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