Christmas Hols 2020

I know everyone’s Christmas looked a little different this year – though we celebrated as we always do (quietly, at home, with lots of foodie bits!) it was different as we didn’t travel to see Wes’ family… we had a new little fluffy nugget running around with Zoe… I revived Mum’s tradition of “many nibblies” for Christmas Eve and Day… and our heating went out on Christmas (the coldest day of the year), so… it was memorable in its own way! We enjoyed our cozy cuddles though, with our dogs, our bounty of food (including a Christmas pudding kit that Wes bought for me!), and I introduced Wes to Doctor Who to really ring in the English feel of the holiday. 😉 Hope you all had a warm, safe, and peaceful holiday! Bring on 2021!


One Comment

  1. Ellen

    Such a pretty Holiday table!!
    Thank you too for sharing the bit about “nibblies” — my Oma, (german grandmother) always celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day setting her holiday table in a very similar fashion. My mother and I carry on this tradition, but had never known it to be elsewhere, and endearingly referred to as “nibblies” — Love it!!


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