Introducing Nico!

Everybody, say hi to the newest member of our wee family – Dominic Francis!

Okay, okay, we call him Nico for short, and he’s a full blooded Havanese, just like his sister Zoe, and he is the cutest, fluffiest, cuddliest scamp. I mean, I just want to snorfle this face all.the.time:

It’s been a dozen years since Zoe was a puppy, so talk about parenting at an advanced age. 😉 Zoe was reticent with him at first – wondering why on earth we brought the wriggling ball of energy into her very quiet house – but they’ve become buddies. She’s quick to act like “big sister”, growling when he acts up, wrestling with him for ages when he’s energetic, and generally just teaching him “how to dog”. So far, he seems like a brave, friendly, *hungry* little dude, and we’re crazy about him.

He was certainly a nice way to end 2020, and it seems like good timing, as it’s likely Wes and I won’t be traveling for a while and he’s helped shake up our quaran-routine.

Not gonna lie, though, having to potty train in winter is NOT the best idea we’ve ever had, but for now… well, he’s a keeper. ❤


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