Neat and Nifty Things

Here’s what’s making me cheerful this week, friends!


This image from Acadia National Park from the US Interior’s Instagram page just takes my breath away.

This list of “112 bits of good news that kept us sane in 2020” from “reasons to be cheerful” definitely makes me feel good…

I’ve been trying to wear perfume every day since last year (in an effort to not “save” nice things, but to use them!), and I’ve fallen completely for Lancome’s Idôle – my new favorite alongside my go-to perfume since I was ever-so-young, Ô de Lancome. This one is rosy and citrusy and warm and actually stays on my skin and I can smell it all day (a problem I have with other perfumes fading in about ten seconds from my skin!).

Johnna came up with a great plan for a socially distanced New Year’s Eve this year… she rented an entire movie theatre so about a dozen of us could settle in with some popcorn and watch that 80s classic, Gremlins! It was so fun to be back in a movie theatre again with our friends!

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