Some New Sparklies

My mum always, ALWAYS had a pair of earrings on.

She would sometimes wear them for months at a time, not changing them, and yet they seemed to suit every outfit she wore, featuring gold and (real) amethyst, sapphire, or topaz – I inherited several pairs of her favorites when she passed away, though I don’t wear them often (though one pair was my “something blue” for my wedding, as seen in the picture above)

But, I’ve always been cursed with sensitive ears, and have eschewed earrings for years since they always seemed to irritate. But, being a woman of a *certain age*, I thought perhaps I’d outgrown that sensitivity and really wanted to treat myself to some wear-every-day-no-matter-the-outfit earrings that were a wee bit more expensive than the cheap crap I’d been wearing for years (and being irritated by!).

I went down the Instagram-ad rabbit hole and found Local Eclectic, which is a female founded, female run shop that works with oodles of female designers, and I just fell in love with the vibe of the offerings, and thus… decided to treat myself. 😉

First, I splurged on a pair of dainty little earrings from La Kaiser – aren’t these so pretty?

Then, since variety is the spice of life 😉 I ordered another pair, this time from Tai Jewelry because I loved how unique they were

I still go and lurk around on the site every once in a while, but at least I’ve got some “starter” pairs to start wearing every day, and I’ll tell ya – they just make me happy… a little sparkle on either side of my mask. 🙂

What was your quaran-splurge?

(This isn’t an ad, by the way, I just really love their stuff!)


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