iPhone Aesthetics

I love anything I can customize and colorize.

My favorite part of putting together a new quilt is picking the colors and layouts of the quilt, not the actual, you know, DOING it. 😉

Working on graphics for the library’s social media (and two other orgs I work with) is a gas to me – finding the right colors, fonts, layouts… I love it.

So, when the newest update to our iPhones brought about the advent of being able to customize apps and widgets, I leaned in for sure. 😉

First up was my cutesy Christmas theme, which hung around from, oh, November 1 to early January…

Of course, as soon as the lights from Christmas faded, I was ready for a new, brighter, springier one!

I keep the same layout of apps every time, but love finding just the right combination of icons, backgrounds and images to tszuj it up. As an added bonus, because I’m using shortcuts with the new icons, all those pesky red circles of notifications… disappeared.

I never realized how compulsive it was for me to clear them – every notification, every ping, every email that came in (I’m an Inbox Zero kind of girl). It’s been a game changer for me – yes, I miss texts occasionally or take a bit longer to find I have emails, but it’s done wonders for my mental state!

I bought my icons from various shops on Etsy, Googled for background images and widget images, and watched a YouTube video or two to see how to customize, but I’m so glad I did.

Finding creativity wherever I can these days…


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