(One) Neat and Nifty Thing

Wes and I have set some intentions for 2021, and tried to give each month a “theme” to really focus on during that month. Some examples are golf (for me) and guitar (for him), and a few shared ones, like a month to really focus on going for walks together, on ‘the stuff of life’ (those damn wills!), and we both agreed we want to be better at correspondence, especially in light of all things 2020.

While listening to the Happier podcast with Gretchen Rubin, she mentioned a listener suggestion of using Touchnote as a way to stay in touch, and I’m here for it! You get to create postcards (or cards, if you like) that are designed with your own photos (or their artwork), your own message, and then they address and mail it for you! It has a web version and an app version, and I dig it! We’ve already sent cards to his son, my bestie, and a lovely lifelong friend.

(this is so not my postcard LOL)

It does has several membership levels, so we went for the one that lets you have a couple of cards a month, and it’s around $60 annually (but claims to have worldwide shipping!). I like how easy it is to create and send, and it makes me feel good to be sending off surprise snail mail these days, which EVERYONE loves to get – even if it’s just a goofy picture of my dog. 😉

I do have a promo code that knocks some dollars off – MARIBYSHMR or you can click this link – but this isn’t a sponsored thing, just a neat and nifty thing I like!

How do YOU creatively maintain correspondence with those near and far?


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