Browsing Bryce Canyon

In these non-traveling times, I’ve taken to revisiting photos from past trips I’ve taken, and when someone in passing mentioned Bryce Canyon in Utah the other day, I had to go back and admire all my photos from when my father, dog, and I trekked “Out West” in a rented RV for a couple of weeks in 2012.

We visited so many wonderful National Parks on that trip (it was the first time my father or I had been to Utah!), but Bryce really was a standout. I mean…

How could it not be?

The best thing we did was – after rolling in at dusk the night before – stop into the Visitor’s Center and ask a Park Ranger for advice on the best way to experience Bryce, and he said simply “Get up early, get to the Amphitheater by sunrise, and enjoy the show”. And oh…. what a show.

We spent an entire day going up, up, up into the elevations (and avoiding the crowds of tourists who had stopped at the first lay by and packed the parking lots!), then back down to explore and marvel at these utterly unique hoodoos…

It really was a memorable, magical visit, and I’m so glad my Dad and I got to experience it together, since it had always been on his own bucket list. I’m ready to go back!

Where are you remembering this week, friends?


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