Closet by Color

Like everyone else a few months ago, I devoured The Home Edit on Netflix in about five minutes, totally sucked in to some of my favorite things… organizing, tidying, and COLOR! Their basic tenet is that everything should be arranged in rainbow order.

At first, I scoffed. Seriously. Not doing that.

But then again… I do have some time on my hands…

And before I knew it, I had arranged by cookbooks into rainbow order… and I found it strangely satisfying.

So then I did a couple more bookshelves – not the whole library, mind you, just… a few shelves…

And before you knew it, my winter and summer closets mysteriously ended up in rainbow order…

And I LOVED it! Here’s what I learned about myself:

  • I wear a LOT of black and gray 😉
  • I tend to wear the same shirts over and over and over
  • Rainbows in the closet make me happy and remind me to wear something OTHER than my regular black-and-gray standbys!

The exercise was also good for culling through that which “doesn’t spark joy” (another Netflix gem, thanks, Marie Kondo!) and getting rid of a few garments I didn’t love anymore.

What about you? What’s your closet organizing secret? Mine is having a winter closet, a summer closet, and dresses separated from the two in their own spot. Other than that, the rainbow seems to be the way to go for me these days!


One Comment

  1. brontravels2

    i haven’t seen the show, but have put clothes in my wardrobe by colour for years. and yes, I always separate winter and summer clothes – at least that way when the season changes you are glad to seeing something different!!


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