Summer, Summer, Summertime

I feel like this blog has been a metaphor for so many things for me this past year. I start, I’m gung ho, I dive in and gogogo… and then crash, stop, fade.

I can’t tell you how many craft projects I’ve jumped into… and never finished.

How many recipes I can’t wait to make… and never get around to it.

How many blog posts I’ve wanted to take time to write, only to… veg in front of the tv instead.

I seem to be struggling with completion these days – I’m eager to play golf/cook/craft/garden/write – but somehow the follow through isn’t there.

I’m hoping this is just a delayed reaction to the stress and worry of the last year, the feeling that I can never really relax, that something is always lurking around the corner, that I don’t deserve to just… be. I have to be creative (jazz hands!) and accomplished (whisking madly!) and productive (flickin’ those dolla bills!) when fundamentally these days, I think I’m just… weary.

But that’s not to say 2021 has been doom and gloom, quite the contrary. We’re vaccinated, the sun is shining, and every day still holds promise. Here’s what we’ve been up to in between “the big stuff” of life…

We’ve taken these two floofs to the dog park ever so many times… peonies have bloomed… we took another cooking class with Molly… I hit the (driving) range… Wes hit the big 4-0… and we golf carted around New Harmony on a Thursday afternoon, just because we could.

Hope you are all well and happy.


One Comment

  1. Ellen

    Take a breath and pat yourself on the back . . . you’re doing great girl!! Even folks who don’t admit it or talk about it are feeling the effects of this past year . . . one moment at a time 😉


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