Neat and Nifty Things

Hi all, it’s been a minute! The adage “the days are long but the years are short” feels especially prescient these days… I don’t know how we’re already halfway through 2021 when the days themselves feel so long at times. But, here we are! We’ve traveled a bit… eaten a bit… read a bit (okay, a lot)… done and watched things a bit, so it’s time to revive this dust blog and get back to it, so let’s go with a few fun things in my world lately…


How gorgeous were our peonies this year (above)?!

Like everyone else on the internet (or so it seemed!), Wes and I DEVOURED Mare of Easttown on HBO, remembering what if felt like to have to wait an entire WEEK to get the next episode, with each episode revealing more and more slices of the onion of this character-driven drama. I miss Mare.

I want some of these in my yard. Gorgeous.

This little love bug (Nico, our second Havanese) has brought us so much joy this spring, and has definitely been keeping Zoe on her toes. 😉

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