Running Away to the Woods…

As things began to look more and more hopeful this spring, Wes and I decided we needed to book in a few getaways after a year of uncertainty and fear, and first on our docket was an early spring getaway to a nearby cabin. There are oodles of cabins along the Ohio River here in Southern Indiana, catering to everything from huge families to fishermen, or boaters, or people like us who just want to rest and relax with our dogs for a night or two.

Preferably with a hot tub with a view. 😉

And we found it! We packed up our pups, a mess of food and books, and hit the road to be, as my friend Megan says, “nature adjacent” for a few days.

I don’t need to sleep in a tent or catch my own dinner – I just like to be near trees and birds and water, with a temperature controlled environment with soft beds just a few steps away. 😉

In any case, we had a glorious time doing very little but dipping in and out of the hot tub, reading and reading and reading, attempting to be firestarters, and just… breathing. Ahhh….


One Comment

  1. Ellen

    Ahh . . . sounds just perfect!
    R & R at it’s best — thanks for sharing and the reminder of how wonderful outdoors downtime can be!


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