Neat and Nifty Things

Time for another eclectic mix of what’s making me happy this week…


How pretty are those earrings?

I don’t watch a lot of YouTube vids, but I’m very loyal to the few I subscribe to, including Beatrice Caruso. Is it possible to be friends with someone you’ve never met even if you’re 15 years apart and live in different states? I say yes! She just makes me laugh every time she posts, even though I relate to so much of what she goes through when it comes to weight issues…

Look, I get that it’s a train wreck, but honestly, there is no better binge watch than early seasons of ANTM while I’m crosstitching or crafting (they’re on Hulu!), especially now that I’ve sucked Wes into them. 😉

I literally start my day every day with The Atlantic’s crossword (except on Saturdays!) – it’s the perfect blend of easy, hard, and quirky. 🙂

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