The Endurance

I was so excited to see that Ernest Shackleton’s famed ship, The Endurance, was found this past week in the Weddell Sea.

I remember my father telling me about Shackleton’s remarkable trip to the Antarctic, and how not a single one of his men died after the shop became trapped in the ice. We even watched Kenneth Branaugh’s film Shackleton together, which really hit home just how heroic his rescue efforts were.

Dad felt a special kinship with him, though… Shackleton was a Dulwich College boy, just as my father was (or “Old Alleynians”, as they are known), and Shackleton’s tiny whaler is still on display in the college. 800 miles… in this?!

I’m so glad I got to wander the grounds of Dulwich with my dad back in 2005, see the James Caird, and get a glimpse into what his life was like… before he became my dad. 🙂

Here’s to The Endurance!



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