Winter Trees

Years ago, I remember riding along with Mum on one of our many drives, and she commented how much she loved “winter trees”.

At the time, I remember wrinkling my nose… who prefers winter to trees to the fresh green of spring, or the pretty colors of fall?

But, ever since then, I’ve tried to appreciate the stark beauty of winter trees on a bright, blue-skied day.

A couple of Sundays ago, we had just such a day, so Wes and I took our mighty beast (all 14 pounds of floofy cuteness!) to nearby Howell Wetlands for the first time to explore and get some steps in under the sunshine.

We’re trying to find more places to amble, walk, and stroll in our own backyard this year – both to exercise ourselves and to walk Nico – that aren’t just our neighborhoods. We’re seeking out trails and paths, hikes and new areas to explore. I can’t wait – but our wetlands adventure was a good start!


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