Scandi Vibes

My YouTube viewing history tends to be a mix of movie/tv trailers, cooking vids, Honest Trailers, YNAB tips, speed cleaning videos… and Scandinavian lifestyle videos.

I don’t know how I stumbled onto these, since I’m not Scandinavian or vegan (another common thread) or minimalist, but I absolutely love them. I love the glimpses into their homes, foods, neighborhoods and routines, a hygge vibe, and always love a Day In the Life (DITL) video. Here are a few of my faves…

Malin from Good Eatings was my first foray into Scandi-foodie vids. She is so soothing and calm and sweet and her food – though vegan, which I’m not – looks delish every time. She is based in Malmo, Sweden.

I found Emmi La and love her no-speaking videos of her life in Helsinki, Finland. Gentle music and landscapes as she potters around with her plants, her books, her tea, and explores Helsinki. Lovely!

Benita Larrson is a Swedish blogger and YouTuber from Stockholm, Sweden, and her videos of her minimalist apartment and lifestyle are just so soothing and fascinating (and the peeks around Stockholm too!). A bit *too* minimalist for me, I do at times envy the clean, quiet, simple apartment she inhabits with her two kitties!

I think I found Alexandra Andersson when I was trying to find a “how to heck do you make tofu taste good” video, and again, she’s a Swedish vegan, but much more globetrotting (they just moved to Spain, in fact). She’s definitely more vegan-focused and be-pretty-and-skinny-and-sell-your-health-app on her channel than the others, and yet, I still follow along!

And as a non-Scandi but still European must-watch, check out Essen Rezepte. Sophie is German, and her non-speaking, short cooking videos are better than meditation. Some recipes aren’t for me, but most are!

So there you have it! If you like these videos too – or have other recommendations along the same lines – let me know!


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