Wander the World : Greece!

My library has gone back to in-person programming in the last few months, and I can’t tell you how much it has reinvigorated me, our patrons and our staff! I was also happy to roll up my sleeves and jump into co-leading our monthly “Wander the World” cultural program, which has been SO much fun to put together!

(I’m also now a fortnightly bingo caller, and am planning an monthly adult trivia night! so fun!)

My co-presenter and I pick a country to lead that month and do all the planning for that country. My first time out of the gate, I picked GREECE (she had done Scotland the month before).

I gave a fun and informative presentation, held a trivia contest (with Ouzo candy for prizes!), and got a mezze platter set up for us to sample foods from Greece…

After my presentation and learning about ancient Greek pottery, we all decorated our own “urns” (mini flowerpots with Sharpies and packets of seeds to take home)!

Plus, of course, I played Greek music, had Greek books at the ready, and everyone got their passports “stamped” with a Greece sticker!

So much fun! I hope we continue to build attendees, but in the meantime, I’m working on my next country… Iceland! I can’t wait!



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