Scrappy Beginnings…

I wish I quilted more… but there always seems to be a barrier. Time, inspiration, lighting, too damn hot in my studio…. but when I do play with scraps and fabrics and colors, oh, it makes me so happy.

A few months (!!) ago, I decided to embark entirely on a scrap quilt, using colors I had in my stash, not allowing myself to buy anything! I had been trolling around for inspiration on Pinterest, and ran across these …

I went wildly down a rabbithole of how to make these scrappy squares with nice, straight edges, and then the idea of a gradient rainbow type situation. I don’t yet know how it will come together, but the process of creating blocks so far as been fun. I love spending ages deciding how to make the patterns work together, how to maximize every scrap.

Stay tuned… maybe I’ll finish it this… what? Decade? 😉 Perhaps by putting it here, I can give myself a push to keep going, if only for my humble readers. Ha!

Progress so far…

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