My 7 Things

A few days ago, I stumbled onto a program called Project50 that’s making the rounds on social media, and then of course, went down the rabbithole of what is it, who does it, WHY do it?

Here are the Project50 rules, which you must follow for 50 days straight. If you miss one thing, one day, you have to start over (as I understand it).

Okay, this is… hardcore. And do people not have jobs or lives or anything? I mean, sure, some of them you could autopilot, but some of the others? Nope. I don’t have three hours to devote solely to myself for such things every single day.

But… it did get me thinking about a daily challenge for myself to try, so I Marissa-fied it. 🙂

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve really been focusing on health and being more mindful of how I spend my minutes in the day. I joined a health coaching program through my insurance, I’m working on better food choices, trying to get more movement (despite the heat!), and overall just improve, well, myself.

So, I made a send-up of the Project50 goals for myself, and here they are:

So, why did I choose these? Let’s see…

  1. Snooze button… I’ve been sleeping atrociously for months, but snoozing three or four times every morning isn’t helping and makes me feel groggier when I do finally get up, so no snoozing.
  2. I immediately grab for my phone upon waking, then go down the rabbithole of social media, news, celebrities, weather and more, and it’s not a healthy start to any morning, no matter how much I care about such things.
  3. I sometimes half-heartedly sling the quilt across the bed, but science proves again and again what a lift a fully-made bed can be, and it only takes a minute.
  4. Pulling a tarot card feels like a fun and playful way to prepare for the day and take a minute to focus on myself, plus our set is gorgeous to look at.
  5. Walking at least 5000 steps a day is a solid start for me. I’m committed to even walking around the library a few times a day to get my steps in, no matter what looks I get my from colleagues. 😉
  6. Make healthy food choices. Duh. I’ve really done well with this the last couple of weeks, so I want to maintain it!
  7. Tidying something big or small just makes me feel good – I hate clutter and unnecessary things, so even if it’s just 30 seconds of tidying or pitching something, it moves me forward.

So, that’s it! My own Project50. I printed out copies of the above chart so I can see how well I do each day. It’s a start! 🙂

Wish me luck – here we go!

What would YOUR seven things be?!


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