Our Power Hour

I faithfully listen to Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast each week, and always seem to pick up some great tips, hacks or ideas, and I love the sisterly banter with Liz, her co-host.

About a thousand episodes ago, she mentioned a Power Hour, and I finally (finally!) was able to put it into practice with Wes’s (reluctant) help a couple of weekends ago.

As Gretchen always says, “things that can be done at any time are often done at no time”, and man, that’s true! The idea is that you take just one hour to tackle all the little, niggling tasks that seem to be put off all the time. Examples like changing a light bulb or putting all the batteries in one place or hanging a shelf… stuff like that which isn’t critical, but would be helpful.

So, for days leading up to our Power Hour, I just kept a running task list on my phone, and when the time came, we got SO much of it done! Here was our list (in the hopes it might give someone else some Power Hour item ideas!)…

• Install new towel hook
• Soak the showerhead to remove buildup
• Re-hang our bathroom pom-pom decorations
• Replace front porch light
• Buy stamps
• Update my computer
• Pull that one stupid weed in front of the window
• Hang up new paper curtains
• Put fresh bottles of water in the cars
• Recycle closet boxes
• Reorganize drinks in the fridge
• See if we’re low on any batteries and stock up
• Gather things for the safety deposit box
• Put new supplies on our CPAPs
• Activate a new card that came in the mail
• Refill the bird feeders

This was definitely useful, and we’ll be doing it again… time to start a new list on my phone!


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