Bits for Dinner

I love a good Cup of Jo post, but rarely (rarely!) do I dive into the hundreds of comments each post generates. But, on the post about what to cook when you don’t feel like cooking, I dove deep, because goodness knows I feel that way so many days when I get off work, knowing that Wes will be blowing in minutes after me, questioning what’s for dinner because he’s starving to death.


So, I scrolled and scrolled (and scrolled), finding a few gems here and there, until this absolute LIGHTNING BOLT:

“I make what I call ‘BITs’ and have lured several friends to my Cult of Bits: you simply chop a small amount of every single vegetable you have on hand and slice up high-quality hot dogs/sausages and toss with olive oil and your favorite seasoning blend (right now I am obsessed with Cavender’s Greek Seasoning). Then onto a sheet pan and into the toaster oven for ~35 minutes until the edges of the veg are starting to char. Then scoop over a cup of microwaved rice or next to a scoop of cottage cheese and dig in.”

Um, so commenter Erin rocked my world, and I’ve now done this more times than I like to admit.

I’ve chopped up hot dogs, I’ve done whatever brats/knackwurst/sausage Aldi was shilling that week, I’ve done smoked sausage… no sausage is safe.

We too are a Cavender’s Greek Seasoning family (it goes on EVERYTHING that doesn’t move), so I chop all the veg I can find and they and the sausages get a blast of oil and a hearty shake of seasoning (plus, obviously, garlic, which runs through my veins) then get tossed onto a sheet pan. Five minutes, tops.

I always serve it over rice (we aren’t cottage cheese people), and finish it with a healthy squirt of Kewpie mayo, Yum Yum sauce, Sriracha, or whatever other condiment is languishing in our fridge door.

Dinner, sorted!

Give it a try and report back! 🙂


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