I’m a Conqueror!

Last year, I decided to hop on the Conqueror app train and try a walking challenge, and what fun it is! I signed up for the Mount Everest walk, a modest 39.9 miles, and I really loved getting “postcards” along my journey and tracking on the app exactly where I was, and spinning the camera around to take in the sights. It definitely helped motivate me to take a few more steps where I could. Before long, I had this cool medal in my possession!

I was trying to decide what my next “trek” should be, and finally settled on the Great Wall of China! They give you the option of a long or short trek…161 miles versus 2183 miles! Uh, I went with the shorter one. 😉 It syncs to my Fitbit, and the miles started to add up, and postcards kept “winging” my way – what fun! Now, I’ve got my second medal!

Currently, I’m trying to decide what my next trek should be, and to see how long my daily activity will take to earn another medal if I commit to a loooong one (I bought a three-medal package, so I’m committed!). I’m leaning towards the Length of the UK (1084 miles) trek… wish me luck! Hopefully I’ll get to add this medal before 2023 is out!

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