What We’re Watching: Apple TV Edition

Well, I *finally* got sucked into one of those Apple+ trials, and now that we’ve subscribed, I’m in. Dammit, marketing!

Here’s what we’ve watched so far and enjoyed…

Let’s face it, Ted Lasso is the main reason I wanted to subscribe, and it was EVERYTHING I wanted it to be. Warm, charming, funny, full of fantastically memorable characters, and so full of heart, it was like a hug and a deep sigh every time we sat down to watch it. I REFUSE to accept that the upcoming third season will be the last…

I read the book Defending Jacob by William Landay years ago and really loved it at the time, but barely remember it now, so this was like a brand new story to me, and pulled us in right away. All of the leads were incredible, the story kept you guessing, and the quality of the entire show was excellent. I’m still wondering about the ending of the story…

As I mentioned, we binged WeCrashed and got completely sucked into the absolutely fascinating train wreck of a story. Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway were just pitch perfect – you forgot they were Jared and Anne and believed they were the characters!

We’ve started Loot, but haven’t finished it yet, but I love the premise and peek into the uber-rich and how they can be disconnected from reality. Here’s the blurb: Loot follows a billionaire named Molly Novak, who has everything she could dream of: money, fame and a loving husband on her arm. But she soon discovers her husband of 20 years is having an affair. It’s fun so far!

Next up, we’re going to watch Bad Sisters, which I’ve heard nothing but raves about. Can’t wait!

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