Neat and Nifty Things

Here are my happy things this week, friends!


Was ever so pleased with how my weekend baking treat – a Victoria Sponge – came out! We devoured it in no time. 😉 (this is the recipe I used, from Bon Appetit)

We both went into the Fire of Love documentary on Hulu (produced by National Geographic) with no information other than “the internets” raving about it… and we totally got sucked in. What an amazing look at two people and their utter fascination with volcanoes, and each other.

The @midwestvseverybody Instagram is always comedy gold, but this one spoke to my soul during our recent spate of warm weather!

Once a week, I’ve instituted an 80s movie night, both for the nostalgia factor for me, and because Wes’ 80s movie viewing is WOEFULLY bad – he’s never seen SO many seminal 80s movies! So far, we’ve done Amadeus, Real Genius and The Big Chill. Every week, I give him two titles and he picks one and we settle in with dinner to watch. So fun!

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