Newsletters I look Forward To

I admit it, I’m a sucker for a curated list, a readable newsletter, an “oh look, its not just me watching this thing or liking this product” affirmation, and as such, I subscribe to a lotta email newsletters. Don’t email newsletters still feel kind of… quaint in this world of Insta-posts and longform Substacks? 🙂 Here are some of my faves, in no particular order (and certainly some are very niche for me in this “time of life”)…

I’ve pulled the descriptions from their sites in most cases… enjoy!

Gloria is a weekly newsletter and media company for women who aren’t yet old, but aren’t still young. It’s for women embarking on midlife and those who are curious about what the future holds. What does aging look like when you still feel 25?

1440 Daily Digest provides unbiased news so you can form your own conclusions. 100+ sources, summed up in ~5 minutes, and curated by experts. Over 2M readers. (Marissa’s note: this is my morning go-to newsletter to see what’s going on in the world!)

Girls Night In celebrates downtime in all its forms: restful, playful, quiet, low, creative, private, shared. In short, our mission is to help you live a happier, slower, and more joyful life. 

The Snoozeletter is the nightly newsletter to inspired your bedtime routine. We send a Sun-Thu PM email full of interesting reads and handpicked recs to uplift you after a long day and help you relax before bed 💌💤 (Marissa’s note: they’ve scaled back to weekly, sniff!)

A Thing Or Two with Claire and Erica delivers the 10 finds we’re most excited about—from recipes to books to beauty products—that are destined to make your Mondays better. We promise our cultish newsletter will always be unexpected…and maybe a little weird.

Cozy Ripples is a curated list of shows you’ll love to watch. They are recommendations by women, for women, delivered to your inbox every Friday.

Morning Brew is the daily email newsletter covering the latest news from Wall St. to Silicon Valley. Informative, witty, and everything you need to start your day.

Handpicked by Alex Steele is a place for great finds of all kinds, so every Wednesday you’ll get a curated batch of links to all kinds of really good stuff – it’s kind of like an enormous group chat. Sometimes it’s floral dresses and podcasts on patriarchy, sometimes it’s excellent salads and handmade mugs. Occasionally it’s birth stories and millennial memes. All of it is just something I think you might like!

My Modern Met are newsletters full of creative inspiration week after week. Whether you’re interested in art, design, photography, or even drawing, there is a newsletter for everyone.

If you have any faves I might like, share them below! I can always use another newsletter (or two). 😉


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