Neat and Nifty Things

Hope you’re having a great week, friends!


How gorgeous are these pressed flower collections? I want them all!

I finished another Galison puzzle, this time the rainbow crystals. I’m loving this line of puzzles! I wonder if there are any puzzle swaps around here… and we have a good haul available for checkout at the library too!

Remove Paywall has been a GAME CHANGER I discovered a couple of weeks ago. So many articles and links are behind a paywall, and this circumnavigates most of them so you can at least read the text. Woohoo!

Loved seeing my dude at “camp” while Wes and I were out of town last weekend. I love my little man, even if he is reported to hog the “house”. I’m so glad we found a place he loves and that takes such good care of him during daycare and “camp”. 🙂

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