Wild Lights in the Lou

Last weekend, Wes and I spent a weekend in Louisville, eating so much good food, shopping, visiting the Kentucky Derby Museum, and culminating our trip in a visit to the Louisville Zoo for the Wild Lights Lantern Festival.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I was BLOWN AWAY by how lovely it was!

Yes, it was SNOT-FREEZING COLD, but absolutely worth it to visit the zoo and stroll the 1.4 mile loop, taking in the lanterns as the day turned to dusk then dark, illuminating all those lanterns (hand crafted and covered in silk and lit from within). They ranged from small and cute to huge and dramatic, and I loved them all!

The truly epic lantern displays were at the end, huge cultural symbols and gorgeous illuminations. I definitely want to return next year – and hope for warmer weather! 🙂

What’s your favorite outdoor unique event in the Midwest? I’ve already got my eye on the Chihuly display at the St. Louis Botanical Garden this spring…


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