I Know, I Know…

…it’s only September 2nd, but I’m DONE with summer, and as such, have done a wee bit of autumnal decorating!

We don’t have any sort of mantle or fireplace in our home, so I’ve co-opted the top of our bedroom dresser into my little mantle, changing the decorations every month or so to highlight little treasures and trinkets that make me happy. Here’s my current one:

We also have bookshelves under our TV in the family room, and again, though it doesn’t have a mantle per se, I try to switch up the display from time to time, this time featuring my first (homemade!) autumnal pom pom garland…

(What isn’t in any of the photos: all the pumpkin-y candles I binge bought at Bath and Body Works the other week. Pumpkin Vanilla Creme is the current winner and grand champion…)

These days, it’s the little things. 🙂


One Comment

  1. brontravels2

    How lovely. I do the same thing with our “mummum” white unit, it makes you really look at things when they moved into centre stage! Autumn might be nice for you – but I dread summer!!! Spring only seems to last about a week!


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