Neat And Nifty Things: Binge List!

As the days continue to be dark so early and there isn’t much in the world to go and “do” out there, we’ve been binging a lot of shows, just like the rest of the universe. We even broke down and got HBO Max since we clearly didn’t already have enough. Here’s what we’ve been binging lately…


Collateral (Netflix) is a four-part British police procedural starring Carey Mulligan (whom I love!) as a detective trying to solve what appears to be a random murder of a pizza delivery driver… until you start seeing how everyone is connected and nothing is by chance. This has lots of familiar British actor faces popping up, and we were into it – especially since it’s four eps and done!

Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix) is just pure joy in every episode. 🙂 Phil Rosenthal travels to destinations both near and far and samples the food – in a year where we can’t travel, Phil’s wit and warmth makes this a complete winner of a series to watch. We’ve been adding sooo many destinations to our wish list from Phil!

McMillions (HBO Max) is just a bananapants this-really-happened-y’all documentary about the McDonald’s Monopoly game being rigged and investigated by the FBI. This has the weirdest cast of “characters”, and every episode leaves us going “whaaaaa?!” We love documentaries, and this is definitely a good one to mix in with all our typical murder and despondency, such as…

The Vow (HBO Max), which is definitely a downer, but again, utterly fascinating. This unpacks the NXIVM “cult” created by Keith Raniere (who was just sent to prison for a loooooong time this past fall), from several members who were high-level members before finally getting out. This is a long series (9 episodes) but we were definitely invested despite knowing how it ends…

Britain’s Best Home Cook (Hulu) helped filled the spot that GBBO had (since we’ve now seen all series of it!), and features Mary Berry (love her!) and British cooks making more than just desserts, so I was into it! Lovely and British and made us hungry!

We also watched the documentary Class Action Park on HBO (my only word for it is BANANAPANTS), I Hate Suzie on HBO Max (it’s Billie Piper so we’re here for it, though it was very, very odd), I’m introducing Wes to Doctor Who, which he’s never seen (we’re only up to the Tenth Doctor, so no spoilers!), and of course, when all else fails, we turn on RuPaul’s Drag Race, because who can be sad when that’s playing?

Happy watching, friends!

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