2021 Reading Roundup

And that’s a wrap on 2021… a little tardily, but here we are! Here’s my year in reading, and time to shout out some of my favorite titles read this last year, so here goes!


Number of books read in 2021: 143 titles
Number of books read in 2020 (for comparison): 152 titles
Average of books read per month: 11.9 books
Average of books read per week: 2.75 books
Daily average: 1 book read every 2.5 days
Percent of fiction read: 83%
Percent of nonfiction read: 17%
Percent of audiobooks read: 25%
Number of books read on the Kindle: 100 (70%)

And now, for the best books of the year (in my humble opinion, of course!), in author alphabetical order. Admittedly, “pandemic preoccupation” was a factor in my reading again this year, and many titles I read were “in and out” of my mind within seconds. But, in picking the best books I read, I always try to think… “Did this book stick with me? Do I still remember the characters or plot? Did I have to talk to someone about it who also read it? Did I think about it after I closed the cover?”… 

Adams, Taylor. Hairpin Bridge. F, K.

Cross-Smith, Leesa. This Close to Okay. F, K.

Doller, Trish. Float Plan. F, K.

Dorn, LR. Anatomy of Desire. F, AB.

Feeney, Alice. Rock Paper Scissors. F, AB.

Henry, Emily. People We Meet on Vacation. F, K.

Jaouad, Suleika. Between Two Kingdoms. NF, K.

Kurian, Vera. Never Saw Me Coming. F, AB.

Lovering, Carola. Too Good To Be True. F, K.

Macintosh, Clare. Hostage. F, AB.

Maynard, Joyce. Count the Ways. F, K.

Picoult, Jodi. Wish You Were Here. F, K.

Prose, Nita. The Maid. F, K.

Reid, Taylor Jenkins. Malibu Rising. F, K.

Steadman, Catherine. The Disappearing Act. F, AB.

Wang, Qian Julie. Beautiful Country. NF, AB.

Weir, Andy. Project Hail Mary. F, K.

Zauner, Michelle. Crying in H Mart. NF, AB.

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