Neat and Nifty Things

Here’s what’s making me happy this week – what’s making you happy?!


How fascinating is this visualization map of all the world’s languages?

In a bid to try and use at least a *little* less consumable plastic, I’ve switched over to using Blueland’s refillable cleaning products. We got the Clean Essentials starter kit, and I’m a big fan of all three cleaning products! The foamy soap is less foamy than I’m used to, but I sure feel better about not constantly buying new plastic bottles of soap!

I’m continually delighted by the all the homes featured on the Never Too Small YouTube channel! The ingenuity and cleanliness of the spaces is amazing!

Wes and I occasionally go down the Tarot card rabbit hole… how cool-looking is this Mystic Mondays deck we picked out last year? I just love pulling a card from this deck (when I need a little guidance)!

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