A Stitch in Time…

When I was 18, I learned how to do counted cross stitch.

Several girls in my dorm were stitchers, and it seems like a good way to keep hands busy that didn’t involve homework or thinking too incredibly hard. 😉

I went down the rabbit hole in a big way, taking on these huge, multi-year projects that were tiny and intricate and worthy of being framed and displayed, and I’m so very, very proud of them.

But, over the last three or four years, I haven’t cross stitched… at all.

And I couldn’t figure out why.

Was it pandemic fatigue? Being married and not having to amuse myself as I lived alone? Was I just not a fan of stitching anymore?

All three?

But… a few months ago, I shelved the enormous, multi-year project I’d been working on, and on a whim, downloaded a smaller, easier pattern on Etsy that looked… cute.

Friends, I’m a stitcher again. 🙂

I’ve now been a stitching FOOL for the six months or so, churning out project after project that are smaller, sillier, and truly a delight to start – and finish – in a reasonable time frame.

Part of it is it feels *productive* – I’m not just watching TV, I’m stitching! Plus, one of my best friends who is ever-so-crafty has talked about sharing a craft booth at a craft fair one of these fine days. So… all these fun projects might eventually be… fun products to sell!

I may need cheater glasses to see the work I’m doing, but I’m ever so glad to have rediscovered something that has always brought me joy, peace and a sense of accomplishment. Here’s just a few of my latest pieces… I hope you like them!

(I don’t know why the coloring is so atrocious… the fabric is a bright, stark white in person!)



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